Learn how to play against the new Wukong

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While I agree he might be a bit overtuned right now, I see a lot of people that don't know how to counterplay his W. You absolutely cannot fight him in range of his W clone (175 raidus).

This might be easier said than done but as with most champions average players will use the same or similar trade patterns. You have to try to get away from his clone when you realise he might have used W, if not he will:

  • Stack his passive twice as fast.

  • Stack conqueror twice as fast.

  • Hit you for 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70% more damage.

  • Double armor reduction from a double Q.

  • Reset Q twice as fast.

Most of Wukong's damage relies on what's stated above. His W clone has a duration of 3.25 seconds and his invisibility duration is just 1 second. You reliably have 2.25 seconds to get away from the clone. Mobility against Wukong is key, also awareness of his combo patterns. You must treat his W as Illaoi's E, you can't fight her if hit by it. As with Illaoi, once his W is down you can punish him a lot.

If you manage to avoid trading with him once his W has been used, he will most likely not have his second Q up, less passive armor and regen and no escape. There is a good window as W has a long cooldown.

Many Wukong players will W dash behind you as it is a good spot to double hit you with the clone, take that into mind. Others will use it to close the gap as old Wukong and loose most of his kit potential, and that is why people who don't know how to play him feel they lack damage now. He has more strategic diversity, as he could opt for a lighting fast engage later in game and loose a lot of damage and utility (conqueror and armor reduction), or loose gap close and deal more damage.

Hope this is a bit helpful because Wukong, while a bit strong right now, isn't as much of a stat check as people think. Most match ups will become skill match ups against him, as he has much more outplay potential. So learn how to play your champ against him an

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