Make Swain Jungle

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Are you already tired of Jungle Morgana? She’s great and all, but you feel like she lacks that oomph? That extra special awesomeness for ganking? Then make Swain Jungle.

“But u/CandlestickCaleb how do you propose we do that?” Thank you ambiguous voice that represents the community. My solution is simple. Give his Q and/or W a damage boost against monsters. Also let him gain a soul from killing larger monsters for better sustain/survival.

“Are you saying this cause you are a Swain main?” Yes, and I would like to branch out from support more often. (Although you could always revert his Q so that he is better Top/Mid) Also I will say this ending off. While this started more as a joke, I would actually like this idea a bit more if it weren’t for the fact that it’d make his W pretty bad to deal with when it’s already a pain in lane. (I also don’t want them nerfing it just for my stupid idea)

Edit: I almost forgot the most important reason why I want jng Swain. I want to use predator so I can Ult and T-Pose at Mach 3 towards my enemies smiting all the hold dear and destroying all hope of escape. Without my team flaming me for using smite

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