Drew LCS teams as Waifus

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The year is 2020, the corvid 19 virus and pro game hiatus has sunk the league sub further towards degeneracy. This is your daily waifu post.

Welcome back LCS with LCS Teams as Waifus.

Team Liquid -Oneesama

rich older office lady with unlimited mastercard budget ~ara ara


Childhood friend / unleashed true power recently


No chill/ hot headed/ high standards/ always expects herself to win


Twintailed Tsundere/ in the corner crying with her handmade Worlds jersey every year


Loli who unironically believes journey > destination


I wrote Character Bios too:

Pick a waifu / Tag yourself

clg-chan best grill

The Soup

teams I didn't have enough ideas for


please throw out some ideas for LEC LCK LPL. help a girl out.

I could make a whole series just on CLG-chan

CLG: I don't want this

TL: Ill take it

TL wins with DL Pob Xmithie

CLG: Cries sad tsundere noise

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