How did aphelios and senna barely get nerfed at all while weaker champions get worse nerfs?

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Im no akali player and i know im going to be downvoted because "akali bad" circlejerk but she really isn't that oppressive, ESPECIALLY compared to aphelios or senna. She is getting major nerfs, while:

  • Aphelios loses global range in exchange for caitlyn headshot range. Literally an unimpactful change. No comment.

  • Senna loses a few souls on cannons (1 cannon every 3 waves = 10 souls at minute 16.) AND IS COMPENSATED FOR IT WITH MORE SOULS ON MINIONS SHE DOESNT KILL. And that doesn't even address her problems which are her

  1. Completely unnecessary bonus movespeed on autoattack as a "KiTiNg MeChAnIc" when she has 600 base range scaling infinitely. For reference she goes from 390 movespeed to 460 movespeed every time she hits a champion with moderate movespeed (Let's say 350-380)

  2. Her self heal

  3. Her self shield

  4. Her Q width and length

  5. Her E only being temporarily cancelled on combat instead of just cancelled altogether

I'm sorry but there's no way an adc can have this many safety mechanics in self heal, shield, unclickability, range, immense movespeed, and free lifesteal. Add an actual support champion next to her and you can see how absurdly safe she is for an adc. She was clearly designed as a support and riot failed to notice what a mistake she is.

Like i literally don't find the game fun if i do not ban the season 10 adcs. Sett is a powerhouse, but at least he has weaknesses. On top of that, Aphelios and Senna are contending the highest of presence for ADC. It's absurd how over preseason bot lane has entirely changed into the meta of aphelios and senna and the champions that can bear with them.

PS: Also ekko's pbe changes got completely reverted for just a monster damage nerf. Overall a very big placebo patch where the aphelios and senna changes feel just slapped on to give them a "We technically nerfed them!" Thing so that we can complain less i guess?

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