Dominate is a 10/10 podcaster

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Has anyone else’s opinion of IWDominate shifted hugely in a positive direction?

I used to find the guy so insufferable. Could never watch his stream. All the flame reeked of insecurity and it was so cringe to watch.

But.. since he’s been doing talk shows. I fucking love the guy. It’s like he was born for this shit. He’s so knowledgable and knows everything about the games they’re talking about. His chemistry with almost every host and guest is great. His flame is fun, friendly and doesn’t come off as toxic. I still don’t watch his stream but The Crack Down has been so good so far. He’s the only reason I can watch Facecheck too. Not to mention he was by far the best Listen Loco guest. He’s similar enough to Thorin to remind me of him, but different enough to not be a carbon copy. Actual 10/10 podcaster and I hope he does this as much as possible.

Just comes off as a very likeable person too... which is such a contrast from his stream. At least what I saw of it.

It also feels like he’s coming into his own a bit. When he’s branched out into other content before, it feels like he tried to hard to copy others. Cut the western shit was just like League Idubbbz. But now he feels like he’s caught a groove and is his own person.

This is a lot coming from me too, I’m unavoidably extremely critical of the content I watch. The fact that I’m enjoying him is mind blowing to me. I shit on even my favourite content.

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