Diana is sitting at about a 55% winrate and no one seems to be talking about it.

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You'll also notice that assassins make up something like 7 of the top 8 most popular midlaners, with the only non-assassin being Yasuo.

Really, I think midlane has been in too strong of a trend of removing mages and adding more and more assassins:

  • Karthus was deleted from the lane;

  • Akali was reworked back into a midlane assassin but had her pre-6 weakness removed;

  • Qiyana was released, and has the same 1-shot burst as most assassins but now does so while hard-CC'ing you;

  • Ekko was buffed ~3x in a row and one-shots mages if he touches them once while being unpunishable because he ults out if he fucks up;

  • Pyke was released and he solokills midlane mages easily -- or E's out back to stealth for free if he fails;

  • Diana's only weakness (abusable pre-6) was removed so now she's another mobile matchup that bullies the mages that used to bully her;

  • Doran's Shield was buffed, and now many assassins start Doran's shield and their health regen actually outlasts the mana bar of immobile mages, so you can't kill them even with near-perfect accuracy -- which is disproportionately difficult given how mobile these champions are.


The most frustrating thing about this for me is that classic mages - Xerath, Vel'Koz, Anivia, Zilean, Karthus, Brand, Ziggs, etc. -- none of them are allowed to be talked about without EXCUSE ME WHAT ABOUT SYNDRA? WHAT ABOUT SYNDRA HUH??? SHE'S STRONG

In other words, Syndra is a gatekeeper on all of the classic immobile mages. Their weakness to the mobility/assassin creep isn't allowed to be talked about just because she'll be used as a go-to "nope mages are fine" example.


Lastly, you'll notice that many of the best performing assassins are AP assassins - so reddit cries for nerfs to AP items, and mages are sitting here barely clinging to viability while being told their items are going to be nerfed.

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