Revert Sylas

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for the love of god revert sylas

removing the shield, removing the aa reset mechanic to 3 spells, removing the eq combo and making his wave clear (early game anyway) far worse at the same time ?

and what we get for it is more damage on q2 and e2, W is only a damage increase above 40% of the enemy's health, so basically it sucks too now and is only useful for the heal on shorter cd


all of his current weaknesses essentially pushes him out of the viable status for good

imo he needs to either have a more reliable source of damage (reducing delay on q2 or something) and better wave clear. Either buff the Q2 reduced creep damage to something decent or make the passive deal full damage to creeps would be good changes to help this joke of a "rework" survive

if i'd have my way though i'd just revert the whole thing, as it stands this is by far the worst mini rework released to date.

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