Ranged tops arent the problem. its lategame ranged tops that are.

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I am probably in the minority to say, i dont mind quinn, teemo or even jayce to a certean extent.

The reason is that these champions generally sacrifice something lategame for their early game opressiveness. They dont scale all that well unless they get fed. The problem is the likes of cassiopia, ryze and vayne going top, getting a free early game, abusing you off farm AND outscaling you.

Im not the one to say i have the solution. its a complex issue caused by range being such an innate advantage but it realy screws with the intended power curves of these champions when they get a free early game by going top so they can scale into a hypercarry with the toplaner having no interaction to do anything about this.

If your not going to let me have fun early game, and i play well enough to survive and farm up, i should have the oppertunity to stop you having fun late game.

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