2019 LCS and LEC Roster Change Megathread: Round 2

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With Free Agency opening, we are resetting the megathread to make it easier to find discussion about those changes. This is a link to the last thread

Live thread is, well, live: https://www.reddit.com/live/13yakzfb044m9?

Link to live thread comment section

Here is a resource for all the teams, their rosters, and their coaches. I will update this continually throughout the next few days/weeks/whatever. Please feel free to correct the information in this post if you see something wrong and if I miss any updates.

READ THIS FIRST: This megathread will be the central discussion place for roster changes. As a result, the mod team will be removing all user submissions that are captured by the megathread except for confirmed roster changes.

Things like rumors, free agency, and other news relating to roster changes that are not confirmed changes will be removed.

You can also discuss all of these things over in r/lolesports or #esports on our discord server.

I will only include information from journalists, teams themselves, and information within Riot's contract database. Click on the name for link confirmation. Players with no link have a contract according to Riot Contract Database.

★ = new and confirmed

100T Ssumday / FakeGod AnDa / Fragas Soligo Bang / Prismal Aphromoo / Stunt Zikz / Kelsey
C9 Licorice / Kumo / Jukes Svenskeren / Blaber Nisqy / Palafox(per sources) Sneaky / Deftly Zeyzal / Diamond Reapered / Westrice
TL Impact / Jenkins OddOrange Jensen / Insanity Doublelift / Shoryu CoreJJ / Matt Cain / Dodo
TSM Broken Blade / Brandini Spica / Grig / Akaadian Bjergsen / Ablazeolive Tactical Treatz Peter Zhang
CLG Ruin Wiggily --- Stixxay Smoothie★ /Call Lin Weldon / xSojin
DIG Huni / Rodov LirA / MagerDanger Sun Cody Sun / Rikara Vulcan / Joey Thinkcard / Artemis
FLY V1per / Revenge Santorin / Maxi Pobelter / Strompest WildTurtle / Erry JayJ Mango
GGS Hauntzer / Darshan Contractz / Hard GoldenGlue (Per sources) /Froggen FBI / Keith Huhi / Olleh Jimmy / Inero
EG Solo / Lourlo MikeYeung / Panda Fenix / Yusui Apollo / Lost Hakuho / Fill SSONG / Mabrey
IMT Dhokla / Allorim Dardoch Crown / Scarlet Arrow / Asta Big / Gate Zaboutine / Kubz★

G2 Wunder Jankos Caps Perkz Mikyx Grabbz
FNC Bwipo Broxah / Dan Nemesis / MagiFelix Rekkles Hylissang ---
MAD Orome --- Humanoid Kobbe Norskeren Peter Dun
S04 Odoamne --- Abbedagge --- IgNar Dylan Falco
RGE Finn / Profit Inspired Larssen Hans Sama★ / Woolite / HeaQ Vander fredy122
OG Alphari Xerxe / Kold / Zanzarah Nukeduck Upset / Patrik Mammoth(per sources) Guilhoto
MSF Dan Dan Kirei Febiven / LIDER Neon Hiiva / Doss Moose
XL Expect Caedrel Special / Mickey Hjarnan / Jeskla Norskeren (per sources) / kaSing / Mystiques Youngbuck★
SK Sacre Selfmade Jenax Crownshot Dreams Realistik
VIT Cabochard Mowgli Saken Attila Jactroll YamatoCannon

Free Agents (Work in Progress)




  • kk0ma

  • Clid

  • Khan

  • Tusin

  • Cuzz

  • Neahyun

  • Seonghwan

  • Roach

  • Rich

  • Peanut

  • Kuzan

  • Fly

  • CuVee

  • UmTI

  • Rascal

  • Ghost

  • Trigger

  • Bambi

  • NoFe

  • Moojin

  • Key

  • Stitch

  • Seize

  • Nova

  • Malarang

  • Lindarang

  • Kellin


  • Cepted

  • Maestro

  • Maple

  • Kuro

  • Ian

  • Flawless

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