G2 vs. SKT drinking game

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Inspired by this post for today's match, I've thought of a drinking game for the upcoming semi finals tomorrow.

Suggest anything you'd like to see added!

!!! WARNING !!!

This is a collection of ideas. If all of these together are too much, pick your favorites for a pleasurable and safe drinking experience.

1 sip

  • An ADC other than Xayah/Kai'Sa gets locked in

  • Dragon slain (+1 if stolen)

  • A caster/analyst mentions "Have EU caught up to Korea"

  • A caster/analyst mentions MSI semi finals

  • Double Kill

  • Faker or Caps roam

  • A caster/analyst says "powerspike"

  • A caster/analyst says "game of inches" (credit u/suizooo )

  • Inhibitor destroyed

  • Crowd screams because G2 hit a skillshot (credit u/loomedin )

2 sips

  • Dragon stolen

  • Clid picks Lee Sin

  • Jankos ints on Elise (or Qiyana, credit u/Unholysinner )

  • Wunder dies to a gank

  • Perkz picks a non-traditional ADC (+1 if his overall stats on that Champion are mentioned)

  • A caster/analyst mentions G2 coming 2nd in group (and defeats vs. GRF)

  • A caster/analyst mentions Saturday's match

  • Lee Sin Insec's someone (+1 if failed)

  • Rift Herald slain (+1 if stolen)

  • Someone builds Morellonomicon first item (+1 if mentioned by casters)

  • Faker gets a solo kill or is solo killed

  • Someone makes fun of NA

  • Kayle/Kai'Sa combo is executed successfully

  • Game ends in <22min or >45min

3 sips

  • Triple Kill

  • Baron slain (+1 if stolen)

  • Elder Dragon slain (+1 if stolen; +1 if one team has slain every Elemental Dragon before)

  • Crowd chants "TSM"

  • Khan has better KDA than Faker

  • Singed is locked in for Faker (credit u/BeanieBabyScammer )


  • Quadra Kill

  • Backdoor attempt

  • Successful attempt to sneak Baron with all enemies alive

  • Game is paused

  • Pantheon is not banned by red side in first ban rotation (2 shots if Pantheon is then not first picked by blue side)

Bottom's Up

  • 3-0 series

  • Pentakill

  • Someone forgets to pick up Eye of the Herald

  • Mata (or Promisq, credit u/xtimecloud ) is subbed in

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