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I really don't understand this NA narrative that TL was kept down by the level of LCS as they were much better then all the competition.

Spring Split.

They won 3-2 final reverse sweeping TSM -super close Bo5.

Summer Split

-Semifinal won 3-2 against CG playing Sona/Taric in the final game -super close Bo5.

-Final won 3-2 against C9 after being down 1-2. -super close Bo5.


Where is the evidence that TL is way above the competition in NA?

I do agree that the level overall in LCS is bad, but nothing suggests TL is much better then the rest, if they really were miles ahead of them they would 3-0 every series and they would not have to go to 5 games 3 times.


G2 has been at least if not more dominant in EU compared to TL in NA.

It is true that Fnatic hard challenged them, but so did CG and C9 to TL.


-edit Wrote that TL used sona-taric in game 5 vs TSM as i thought i remembered so, but they didn't, point still stays the same.

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