[Facetious] BREAKING -- Worlds Song 2019 teased to be 'New Ringtone'

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Riot Games has released a new teaser for their Worlds Song today, following much anxiety and curiosity from the playerbase. In the stead of a more conventional song, however, it appears the next musical piece chosen to represent the largest American disappointment in gaming is an upbeat, compressed, 10-15 second electronic jingle for smartphones.

The video released by Riot Games prominently displays (in 1080p) an employee's phone (sporting an awesome League of Legends cover not available in stores). We watch as the camera slowly pans in, tension growing. Then, a phone call--the caller ID reads out 'Worlds 2019.' This is suspected to mean 'Worlds 2019 is calling.'

As for the jingle itself, it is an interesting blend of natural system noises found on iOS and Android. It sounds, according to sound experts, like: 'bing bing! boop da doop ba buuum buuuh.' But it also has inspirations derived from the classic motif: 'bing bing! booop, booooop, dadoopdadadoop dum.' There is also grainy singing by musician Katy Perry. Please find the lyrics below:

yeah yeah worlds is dialing

yeah yeah time to play games

(on your phone)

oh yeah League is way fun

Time to answer the call summ--fuck are you guys still calling them that?

"When we commissioned the next song for Worlds," a Riot employee explains in the comments section, "we wanted to release something that would surprise you when your trashy aunt from SoCal (the one with the spray-tan and an 'It's always wine o' clock' decal sticker plastered on her car's back window) seems to have somehow not only found, but installed it. You'll hear it on the train. Hear it in the car. When you leave your volume on after watching racy videos in bed. When you lose your phone so a friend--oh, ha, never mind on that one."

Mobility creep is a major concern for the League community because the increase in accessibility means that normal people on the subway could play forty minutes a day and turn out better than them on their expensive rigs. This decision will no doubt be an interesting preface for the months to come.

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