Events in 2019- What we were promised-What we actually got

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Remember this video posted on Jan at the start of this year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8lmryL_8QA&ab_channel=LeagueofLegends

So, In this video they talk about the future of skins and events this year.

In that video, at the start ( 0:19) they say : "So in 2019, expect a handful of those big moments again, combining game-modes,missions and perhaps even more Lux skins. And talking about Lux, we're also bringing back some of your favorite thematics this year, with events featuring the return of Project, Arcade and Star guardians "

So until now we got Arcade, Project and the Star Guardian skins just got revealed on Twitter.

But we actually got no game-modes. Arcade- just missions, Project- just missions (no Project Overcharge) and now we know from @RiotL4T3NCY 's twitter that we wont get Invasion (Star Guardian) back either: " https://twitter.com/RiotL4T3NCY/status/1166040088259641344 ".

He also talks about that maybe rotating game-modes and events may not come back ever again and that the future of League game-modes will be Tft-only, obviously the comments all represent the actual disengage with the community and it really seems like Riot is getting farther and farther away from what the community wants and just go with what sells (aka little legends).

*Also bonus meme at 2:45 on the video he talks about working on another way to "track and showcase your skill and your accomplishments on your favorite champions.. Keep an eye for that product on the first half of the year".This became, yep you guessed it ,ETERNALS, but we found out about them on aug almost sept so they even took more time and its locked behind a pay-wall with boring ass achievements like "Kill an enemy with your ult 3 times" and "Get 20 kills" and so on. YES They've been working on this system for like 8 months and all they've ended up with this shit achievements that no-one wants or cares about that you actually have to PAY for, while in the old client there was a simple tab where you could see all your stats on all champs and stats that you actually care about.

So basically this year promises were all just lies and we haven't actually got a single event with a game mode.

This is honestly just so .. disappointing and sad.. Also Eternals are just a disgusting joke.

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