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Riot was met with a huge backlash from the community with their announcement for the launch of Eternals. For those who are out of the loop, Eternals are stat trackers avaibable as a set of 3 for 850 per champ. The community always wanted a stat tracking feature and Riot saw this opportunity to give the community what they want.However, 850 RP per champion was a tad bit high on Riots part and they were aptly faced with a horde of summoners wielding their pitchforks.

The community backlash was pretty harsh and there were a few raised eyebrows at Riots office today. An emergency meeting was scheduled to take care of this issue. The meeting took place 2 hours ago and the meeting attendees were seen exited the room profusing sweating and anxious.

When asked one of the attendees said, " I think we did it. We can actually make the community happy. We will give them what they always wanted. ". Before finishing his sentence, he was dragged by his balls by another employee and was unavailable to answer any more questions.

Luckily, we found someone who was prepared to comment on the outcome if we do not disclose his details. We agreed. He said that he cant give an interview but will write the outcome in a piece of paper and hand it to us. We were okay.

He wrote something in a piece of paper and folded it neatly and have it to us. On top of it, there was a text.

"DO NOT open until you leave the Riot premises."

We did what was written and quickly left the office premises. We sat in our care, took a deep breath and opened the neatly folded sheet of paper.

There were only 3 words on the paper but it was meaningful enough. We instantly understood how Riot will be pleasing the community. Those 3 words are what would take Riot out of their current financial problems. Those 3 words would make the world smile. Those 3 words are

" Prestige Edition Eternals"

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