Why on earth does it show TFT rank/ranked armor in League of Legends game lobbies?

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Me and many people I know are hardstuck silver/gold In League and have been for a while but we are all plat and diamond in TFT (significantly easier to achieve). So why would it show our TFT ranked armor for plat/diamond when we are in the lobby for League games? That doesn’t make much sense.

Edit: For anyone using the “it shows your highest rank” argument, meaning 3v3 or flex queue etc. the skill used in modes like that are transferable to summoners rift, it’s the same game. TFT is a completely different game that has no transferable skills to Summoners Rift.

I could teach my mom TFT and the meta and what’s broken and she could play for 1-2 weeks and get Plat. I could teach her in depth how to play League of Legends in any mode she would be hardstuck Iron for at least 2-3 years.

It just does not seem fair to people who actually earn the ranks in League of Legends that anyone can go rank up in TFT and get the same looking stuff in League lobbies.

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