If you cant comprehend how bad Pantheon's W is let me help you.

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Your team inted enemy ADC, you engage in a Teamfight. Enemy ADC misteps and you can lock him down with W, you use it but its Vayne and she uses Q/its Ezreal and he uses E/its Kalista and she basic Auto Attacks/its Caitlyn and she uses E to dodge it. You cant AA to regain 3 stacks, you are left with an unempowered Q and E. You use E and it tickles the enemy until you get blown from behind.

You go Top lane and its a Fiora matchup, through some miracle you manage to damage Fiora and bait out her Parry/W, you use your W to stun her but she uses Q and dodges it.

Yet again you go Top lane, by some miracle you manage to damage enemy Champ, you push an all in with W but its Riven and she uses E/its Irelia and she uses Q/its Aatrox and he uses E/its Renekton and he uses E/its Akali and she uses E/its Jax and he uses Q.

Through all that experience you decide to complain on Reddit but you stumble upon a Reddit Analsyt and he says "its for counterplay" you slam your desk but survive as Tapping cant execute.

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