Watching The International makes me really appreciate how good LoL casters are.

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Both games are super complicated, though League is definitely less so. With that said, for whatever reason, League's casters are the BEST at explaining what you're seeing, despite how much faster the game is. Vedius is a really good example of this; when a pick is made, he'll usually explain exactly why it's been done if it's even slightly out of the meta. If you're experienced, you don't need to know why Pyke is being played by G2, but he'll always mention that the team likes the assassin, and why, whenever it comes up.

With The International, somehow, the assumption is that everyone functions on a massive level of knowledge about the game. I play it once or twice a day, but definitely don't understand why a certain pick is being made. Casters debate what a good pick would be, then state that X was a really good pick... and quite often, don't bother to explain why, instead retreating into 5 seconds of silence.

It's crazy. If I know what's going on, CaptainFlowers is still getting me hyped as fuck while I tune out of the analysis. If I don't, Drakos is explaining why this Poppy pick is doing so well, and what it means for the game.

God bless our casting teams.

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