Opinion: Eternals show how out of touch Riot is with Champion gameplay.

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I understand that they are still in the works and are on PBE for trial, so they can change at any moment. Like many players here, I have a main and a couple of pocket picks, and the Eternals for them are very poorly optimized, and they could be soo much better.

For example: Ziggs and the knockup counter. WHAT?! I don't go around looking for knockups as Ziggs. I hold onto my satchel unless I really really need to blow up a tower, get out of a bad situation, or once in a while to secure a kill. I'd rather they count how much tower damage I've done, or how many buildings I've destroyed as Ziggs. I take pride in seeing how much more damage I've caused to structures than anyone else in my games.

Riot might be throwing this out knowing that they are going to have champ mains yelling out better ideas for the Eternals, but still, that's us as gamers having to do the work that Riot doesn't have the creativity to put together themselves.

I have a bunch of better achievement ideas for Ziggs and other champs but I'm not the one getting paid for Eternals.

This problem goes much more deeper than this, because this is a more proof of how Riot doesn't understand the mechanics and, more importantly, the "high moments" of their own champions. For us, the gamers, these "high moments" are one of the reasons we keep coming back to the game; they are reasons why we fall in of love with a champion, or out of love when that particular "high moment" for a champ isn't rewarding anymore because it got patched out or something. If Riot knew more about these moments, they'd nail Eternals easy.

They don't so they are gonna put the work on us, and make money off of it. RIP

How do you guys feel? Am I wrong?

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