Counter-jungling is not rewarding anymore. The holy trinity of Jungling has been broken directly by

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There's no longer the balancing trinity of Farming Vs. Control Vs. Ganking. There's literally one condition for "winning" as a Jungler, and that is to successfully gank lanes most.

People get flamed for picking farm junglers, and control junglers are straight up horrible with how limited both warding and how awful jungle experience is.

Ganking junglers are now the only viable option outside pro-play. This isn't because ganking junglers are too good, it's because Riot has curb-stomped other possible play-styles because ganking junglers were able to get ahead incredibly easy off lane experience & kill experience.

And yet, the only way for junglers to stay relevant now is to pick a gank jungler, or straight up go to a lane and take experience + farm after clearing your camps since counter jungling is nowhere near worth doing while risking the enemy team collapsing on you, especially in an unreliable environment like random games.

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