Recent Ivern proposed changes will remove most of Ivern's fun & lower his skill cieling, making him

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Today there were proposed Ivern changes, which have been very contraversial among Ivern mains. The auto range is a good QoL change, the W is a nice idea but could be dangerous to his balance due to how much extra damage allies would get in his bushes. If it gave the current W damage to allies then it would give 30 on hit damage, per person, with no AP at LVL1. The real problem is the R change of "Daisy is no longer a controllable pet."

Tweet: https://gyazo.com/af9764ecb5fd23a6da05801815d86a9a & https://gyazo.com/cf182779bea8ba7bf389404ca1e67dc4

The R is a majority of Ivern's kit and the change will remove most of Ivern's fun & any skill expression, leaving him as a shield bot who can also make bushes. Currently the R is very buggy, fixing these bugs so that Daisy doesn't stand still/stop autoing/not listen to move commands would handle most of the barrier to entry for picking up the champion without removing skill expression from proficient players. Bug fixes should be the priority for Ivern and hopefully the rescript change achieves this. Removing the ability to control Daisy would take away Ivern's key mechanic and would remove any depth the champion has in his current state.

Example of the W change: 3 champions, 1 attack per second, Ivern has 100ap and 1 level in W (1 adaptive rune + Athene's + Redemption + Dark seal), then that's an extra 60 on hit damage EACH. That means over 5 seconds they would deal an extra 900 damage just from fighting in bushes. As stated, this isn't the scariest change as the numbers could easily be toned down before rolling out the changes.


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TL:DR: most changes right direction, W changes very dangerous for Ivern's balancing and is too good so win rate will skyrocket, Daisy change removes skill making him a Janna jungle with an even lower skilled R, our proposed changes: fix the AI on the R, remove cast time so can block skillshots again, make Daisy HP/Resistance scale with Ivern's level similar to Pyke R and bushes give allies half (or less) on hit damage.

Edit: an additional important point about the permenant range change after discussing with some more Ivern mains.

Credit to olleekenberg: "Always ranged. Neat on paper! But when you put actual thought into it, you realize that this would remove a lot of options. You wouldn't be able to dash over most walls with Q, and you also can't dash really close to an enemy anymore for those few situations when you want to do it. This also removes skill from being able to manage your ranged attacks, but i am fine with that."

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