New Pantheon Lore TL;DR

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New Pantheon Lore TL;DR Sauce

  • Pantheon not even his name he was actually a dude named Atreus

  • Kept getting his ass kicked but loved to battle and never stayed down

  • Befriend fellow gladiator Pylas who also liked to battle but didn’t get his ass kicked as much

  • Barbarians invade city and kill all of the people named the Rakkor

  • Homies ask if the Aspect of the Sun would wipe the barbarians for trespassing

  • ”No”

  • Get butthurt so climb Mt Targon to get revenge on Aspects

  • Pylas dies to the cold

  • Atreus mad

  • Pantheon actually the name of the aspect constellation in the sky

  • Atreus gets to the top and the aspect sees him as unworthy since he sucks so much at battle

  • Decides to take over Atreus body and fulfill his own agenda of killing the Darkin

  • Finds Aatrox after another barbarian invasion

  • They fight, Aatrox whoops Pantheons ass with his godkiller sword

  • Aspect leaves Atreus’s body

  • Atreus never backs down tho so he survives and hocks a BIG OL FUCKIN LOOGIE in Aatrox face

  • Aatrox leaves him to die

  • Still alive; Goes back to Pylas’s fam house and recovers, takes months to recover

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