Half of all balancing issues this season comes from Keystones alone

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Aftershock alone is responsible for the gutting of the likes of Lissandra, Galio, Ryze, Sylas. Not 100% the fault of the keystone but was certainly a contributing factor. Having a mage with CC that normally builds AP be supertanky for 3 sec was the worst thing to play against if you were an Assassin player or ADC player. Your opponents would build full AP against you and have relevant damage without a damage keystone, but you would build full damage and have no relevant damage because of their aftershock. 3 seconds is a long time in a window of 5 seconds to oneshot someone.

Glacial is making it very annoying to play melee champions mid and toplane when you have the likes of Veigar, Ahri, Morgana and Velkoz running low cost AP/Support items with decent stats and making it impossible to move on the map. The lack of tenacity items is a very big reason to why this is broken. If you dont believe this keystone is broken, play a 1v1 with your friend where your friends picks Neeko and you pick a Melee bruiser with no dashes like Darius, Garen and Gangplank. Lets see how much fun you have.

I just had the pleasure of playing Riven vs Chogath toplane, a lane Chogath should win by default with Grasp if hes good on his champion. I accepted defeat in champion select and went Grasp Riven to better survive the fights and I saw in loading screen that he went Glacial Augment. Playing vs this rune is cancer by defenition because there is currently no counterplay unless you want to stack tenacity which you cant. I won the game by being too tanky for him to kill, but I did not have any fun whatsoever, and neither did he.

Conquerors rework have been a disaster. Riven along with the likes of Irelia, Urgot, and mordekaiser abuses this rune so hard that it becomes impossible to fight them. I dont like the Conqueror vs Fervor of Battle arguments, but one thing for sure is that FoB was much harder to use, and ADC's could also use it. Riven had to know how to Fast Q with animation cancel if she wanted to be good, and now Riven is just faceroll because 3 Q's, 1 W + 1 AA procs the keystone. It made her easier to play and do well on, and thats not in the interrest of a Riven main, or players playing against her in general. Also, since the rune has only 2 sec uptime for ADC's, you are basically forced to run PTA or Lethal Tempo which hurts snowballing ADC's from using it like Lucian and Draven. Remove healing, Remove true damage, give more raw stats.

And lastly, Kleptomancy was a mistake to add into the game in the first place. Gold acceleration was a niche passive for the likes of Draven, Gangplank and Twisted Fate and now it became available to everyone. Ranged champions bullying melee champions while getting gold, elixirs, wards, skill points and having no weakness was never a good idea. The amount of cancer this rune has provided to the game is insane. Here is a list:

  • Klepto Gangplank, Riven, Illaoi, Fiora

  • Klepto Ezreal, Draven,

  • Klepto Toplane Kennen, Toplane Zilean, Toplane Karma, Toplane Vayne

Its unhealthy and makes the early game easier for players that normally would be behind if they are not as strong early game as others. If I manage to keep a 20+ CS lead over someone I should have the lead because of my hard work, but them having a random 400+g from Kleptomancy just makes it even. Its not fair for the better performing player and should be removed from the game.

I dont have issues with the other Keystones in the game, I think they are fairly balanced and some even underpowered compared to these four menaces. Thanks for reading.

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