League felt more rewarding to play when you earned IP (blue essence) after every game.

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The new blue essence system has been in place a while now (2 1/2 years?). It didn’t feel so bad when it came out, but when I made a new account last year I really noticed it’s flaws. You have to grind a WHOLE level just to earn the extra blue essence you need for the next champion. This mechanic got better when Riot added 50 blue essence to the first win of the day mission. Say you need 200. You can either pick to grind 8 games to level up, or wait 4 days by claiming first win of the day. Seems unnecessary.

Revert the system back to getting rewarded after every game. The whole rework for orange essence/blue essence actually worked really well besides how you earn blue essence. The way you gain blue essence should be changed. You earn much less (IP) blue essence than before. The first win of the day system is great, but take away that blue essence you gain from it, take away champion capsules, bring back earning blue essence after every game. The first win of the day blue essence could be used as a bonus amount of blue essence you earn after winning one game. I feel like this has gotten overlooked by the community since it has been out.

Last thing, if they keep the champion capsules, there should not be any RNG involved. I shouldn’t have to hope that I would get enough blue essence for a new champion. There should be some sort of guarantee that I will get at least “x” amount. That amount can be scaled depending on what level you are.

Do most of you veteran players agree that the old system for gaining (IP) blue essence was better?

TL;DR : I feel the old system for gaining blue essence was more efficient, and less RNG based.

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