League of Legends update for 6/27/19 (Responsiveness Pass and Rammus Bugfix)

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Via the League of Legends website:

6/27/2019 Responsiveness Pass and Rammus Bugfix

As a part of our Responsiveness Pass for Jarvan IV, Kennen, and Tryndamere, certain abilities were rescripted to feel snappier. However, the range on those abilities were incorrectly increased, so we've gone back and returned them to their proper values.

  • RANGE UPDATE: Jarvan IV's E - Demacian Standard > Q - Dragon Strike, Kennen's E - Lightning Rush, and Tryndamere's E - Spinning Slash now have their proper ranges


  • HUNTER'S TALISMAN BUGFIX: Rammus' W - Defensive Ball Curl and his Passive - Spiked Shell's empowered damage now properly procs Hunter's Talisman

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