What I learned so far from Pro View

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Keep in mind I haven't watched dozens of games yet, this is just my first impressions.

  1. For me, Pro View is less enjoyable due to lack of commentary (this is personal preference I'm sure)

  2. Pro View is MUCH more educational though

  3. Pro View can be boring, I zone out sometimes. But watching and discussing games with a friend is a good time.

  4. LCS bot lanes play very passively for the most part and seem very risk-averse

  5. Sneaky is probably the best CSer of all LCS ADC's.

  6. Bang plays extremely passively and basically does not attack.

  7. Aphromoo also players extremely passively and did not throw a hook on Thresh until thirteen minutes into a game.

  8. EU players tend to say GGWP but NA players do not, at least I haven't seen it yet.

  9. Arrow is very aggressive, as is Wildturtle, and Sneaky is as well. However, the supports play passively.

  10. Doublelift coordinates incredibly well with junglers.

  11. Playing scaling champs seems strong in LCS due to passive play.

  12. Teams lock in Lucian but play him passively and do not look for kills in lane at all.

  13. Players seem very worried about making aggressive players into Sivir.

That's it for now. I recommend buying Pro View if you want to improve.

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