On average, CertainlyT champions lose between 1 and 3 mechanics in their kits after their release.

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  • Yasuo: Lost flow bonus when casting E.

  • Thresh: Lost ability to flash Q, lost follow up walls dealing damage to the same target.

  • Zoe: Lost the ability to roll certain spells on her W, lost passive proccing on Q's target, lost E CDR when hitting.

  • Kalista: Lost increased range when dashing backwards.

  • Akali: Lost heal on Q when casting near full energy, lost invisibility under turrets, about to lose increased damage to creeps at rank 5 Q and ground-casting on R.

  • Mordekaiser: Lost W damage overlapping.

  • Darius: Didn't lose anything.

  • Warwick: Didn't lose anything.

  • Graves: Lost magic resistance on E, lost Q knocking back scuttler.

  • Caitlyn: Lost headshot stacking with Hurricane, lost triple headshot damage against creeps and monsters.

Just some info I dug up for fun after seeing the latest Akali changelist. This is not a CT hate thread by the way, I think his champions are some of the most fun in the game, especially Yasuo and new Akali.

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