Kindred Should Have More Agency In Mordes Lore Given Their Disconnect From The Wider Narrative

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The concept for this champion has unlimited potential that is not even being close to being used as much as it should.

With Mordekaisers new lore and color story there should have been an interaction with kindred of some kind given how his theme ties directly with kindred and should bring them into conflict. Mordekaiser accepted and even allowed his death all according to plan, but there was no Lamb arrow?

When he got to the after life and found nothing there fit for him and was like nah fam fuck this they aint got shit here, no confrontation with Wolf? Hell even Bard has a place in the story since Mordekaiser is collecting various artifacts to fuckup the mortal plane .

I just find it frustrating that Kindred doesn't seem to have a solid place in the story where she should Mordes whole ambition was brought about because his afterlife aint shit so hes making the power of life and death his plaything in the form of Undead, some that should damn well piss Kindred off and have their attention. Morde live his 1st life based on the belief system that their would be something for him in the afterlife Lamb and Wolf should fit perfectly into that system because death is their domain. Hell even Noxus Worships the Wolf.

If your gonna have the Grim Fucking Reaper as a concept that exists in the lore something should be done with Kindred story-wise and Morde is an opportunity to give death agency in a way that is tangible and makes sense.

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