We Need More Troll Champions

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Basicaly we have only Trundle as Troll Champion. Well there is theory that Jax is a sand troll, but let's stay at Freljordian Trolls. In my opinion we need more Troll champions to discover/improve their culture and Trundle's lore. I saw in the internet few cool images and I have 2 ideas.

  1. Troll Mammoth-Hunter/Javelin Thrower as ADC. We kinda have a Sivir, Draven, Gnar, Nidalee and Kalista as a "throwers". Considering that Ice Trolls looks like "neanderthals", then we can assume that they are hunting community. Javelins are great example of primitive hunting weapon, which can work pretty good in combination with their brute strength.

2) Troll Shaman. We don't know much about freljordian magic(expect Lissandra's powers, true ice artifacts, Spirit Walkers, Yetis and Demi-Gods). It would be a cool idea to add to a game a support/mage, which would be focused on curses, herbalism or totems. Well, we have Udyr, but we still need a real shaman. Usually mages in fantastic-primitive races are priests, and religion is a very important part of culture. And possibilities to create old, wise troll spirit-leader might be an awesome addition to a game.

What's your thoughts on that topic? I know that it might be a slefish request, cause I'm a fan of brute, primitive races in fantasy and I'm lore geek, so I would love to know more about Trundle and his people. Also I would love to play that kind of champs. Maybe you have diffrent concepts? :p

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