So many voice lines are missing from the game

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I'm not sure if this bothers many people, but so many voice lines are missing for so many champions. For example, Kai'sa voice lines for when she misses her W such as "Dammit! Take your time, Kai'Sa." or "Dammit! Dammit!!!" haven't been in the game since she got her hotfix buff. Also her voice lines when she kills an enemy with w have not been in the game for ages as well. Also her voice lines when she eats honeyfruit have not been around for ages.

Another example of missing voice lines are Yasuo's voice when he dashes, Yasuo's first q.

Kayn is also missing many voice lines, whenever he kills a ranged or melee champion, either Rhaast or Kayn are supposed to say something, but these voice lines have been missing since his release.

Upon killing a melee champion: "These are the strong? Pathetic."

Upon killing a ranged champion: "With each kill, the shadows grow deeper."

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