Mordekaiser suggestion: Have his theme play during ult (demo video in post)

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DEMO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R71O6NPEurQ&feature=youtu.be


Hello, after hearing Mordekaiser's theme song uploaded by Riot, I thought it would be awesome if it played during the 1v1 fight in Mordekaiser's death realm. (Full song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-ru3nPuSn8)

(Credit goes to Eldimarix's skin spotlight channel, for the clips. I just edited the music in.)


I feel like adding his music during death realm would make him ulting you feel more intense, and would make the 1v1 seem like a boss fight for the target, helping fufill the fantasy of Mordekaiser as this unstoppable metal terror.


If you successfully absorb the target's soul (only for the Morde player), this theme could continue until they respawn or you die, whichever comes first, and for the target, the music would end when death realm ends, or they die.


The rest of Mordekaiser's skins will just use his default theme as well, but for his pentakill skin, Mortal reminder could play instead of his theme since he was so cool in the cinematic. This change could also serve to make his future skins pretty interesting (Battle Boss Morde anyone?).


It's a pretty small change overall, but I think this would really make him feel much more powerful and intimidating, and would make him feel even more awesome to play.

Thanks for reading.

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