PVB will win MSI

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PVB may look like they're eliminated, but they have a path to the knockout stage. They do not control their own destiny, but if they win both their games they need TL to go 0-2 as they are expected to and FW to beat iG. Not much is being asked of FW, just a minor upset. Nothing is being asked of TL as they are fully intent on going 0-2 anyways.

If this all happens all 3 teams will be 3-7 overall and will thus be in a 3 way tiebreak. From my understanding FW and PVB will play, and the winner will face TL due to h2h scores. PVB is tasked with actually winning the tiebreak now, but as this scenario already involves PVB beating FW it's not unreasonable at all to expect a repeat of a game played mere hours earlier. TL will be even easier, despite TL's overall 5-0 record over PVB this matchup heavily favours PVB. This is a tiebreaker, and thus any NA team will be literally unable to play.

Once PVB have qualified for the real event I expect iG to foolishly select them as their opponents. iG are no slouches though so I predict a 3-2 or 3-1 for PVB. It doesn't matter if SKT or G2 win the other match. SKT's slow playstyle will be unable to keep up with PVB's unrestrained aggression and a 3-0 will be imminent. G2 will be even simpler for PVB to destroy. After 2 wins against G2 it's established that PVB are G2's kryptonite. I expect either a 3-0 or for G2 to refuse to play after one or two games and awarding PVB the win by default.

Thoughts on my predictions?

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