ARAM was much more enjoyable when it had Bans and Butcher Bridge map with diverse items.

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I wanted to make this ARAM related post, because as an invidual i had an immense fun with the changes, which i never had in ARAM and to see if anyone else feels the same.

  • First of all Bans, i don't understand Riot's arguement on this, i mean they nerfed ranged damage etc. yet i think most of the players frustraion playing vs, ceratin champions is not particularly the damage yet their presence on the map including their crowd control and zoning, i mean why i should be forced to deal with Veigar E and Lux Q at the same game.

  • Secondly the experimental Butcher Bridge items, i think both items brought melee champions back in the game which most wanted roll or change, it brought immense diversity and joy to the ARAM's spirit.

  • Personally i like the Butcher Bridge map accents more than ARAM's Original one but that is just my opinion anyway the main point of this post is I think Riot should bring bans and the melee diverse items back in ARAM also every post i saw after these are gone was against it and i dont understand why are they forcing this damage nerf thing instead of listening to the community and keep what they liked.

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