Toxic role models on Twitch and their negative impact on players experience is slowly destroying

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Ever since all these toxic role models got pretty well known amongst the community this game has gotten downhill in both behaviour and play. This is my own opinion based on my experiences based on the last 2 seasons. I have been playing like actively since Season 3 and have been playing in high Diamond ever since. Throughout the years I have been playing countless accounts to Diamond and people have changed so much, it is actually mind boggling how the ban system even works. People in champ select type so much non-sense and use phrases they watch on some L9 streams. How is it possible for people to have the audacity to trash talk/insult people in a "less harmful way" in champ select without any punishment when typing racial slurs once gets you automatically banned on reports? I am not saying that one is less bad than the other, but you should get my point.

The players attitudes in lower elos (up to platinum) compared to D4ish is like comparing heaven to hell. It was bad in previous seasons, but it's a lot worse nowadays.

How come you can't play a single game in this specific division without someone trying to copy a personality they saw on YouTube/Twitch? If you are in my lobby typing non-sense, the chances of never getting matched up with you again are pretty high, so what is the point in doing so? In my opinion there should be a limit to chat messages similar to chat restrictions.

  • Players actually look up your stats on op.gg and decide to grief on purpose to waste your time, because they saw some streamers stalking other peoples op.gg's.

This is the second worst thing that can happen, that often just makes me dodge or just switch accounts. It happens quite frequently once autofill sets in and people think you can carry them regardless of what they are playing. This actually should be true in most cases, but these types of players adapt to the situation given and develope the what I call not thinking autopilot, I'm offrole so cba mentality. In League certain actions on the map require team play and somewhat coordination to pull off (let's not go in depth here). You can't control someone's decision making when it actually matters, if they aren't listening since the start.

  • People duoQ-ing and begging for their primary roles

I am a pure SoloQ player and I personally despise playing with a premade (this is just my opinion, you can have different preferences). Getting matched with autofilled DuoQ premades happen quite a lot and you can kind of guess what happens, when they "have to play* their secondary role. I have been getting trash talked so often these past 2 seasons for not giving up my primary role by DuoQ players and even if they look you up in op.gg they decide to just soft-int. Why am I relating this to the popularity of famous twitch streamer? Because some EUW streamers do it daily without seeing any form of punishment going on people just copy what they do. It just does not happen for whatever reason there might be. I am not angry neither am I mad, it's just a huge waste of time having to deal with this. You can not avoid these situations and to simply put it down - this game has become more of a mental strength test. There are a couple of solutions to all these problems, but most players don't happen to experience these. This doesn't happen that often on stream, since some occasions were followed by a ban, but guess what they do off-stream.

  • Playing in the D1/Masters bracket nowadays is a torture rather than a learning curve to improve.

People simply don't care and like to waste time. This is the reason I and many other players become part of the never ending cycle of toxicity in this game. Why would I try to waste time in hopeless games, when I can just hop on a smurf and get it back to where I am in 1-2 weeks? Because the experience is MUCH more enjoyable, but this game is influctuated with smurfs in p1-d3 and I can legitimately say, that most players that belong there might as well flip a coin until they see improvement. People hate playing against smurfs and I can fully understand why. Seeing how the game currently is, there is no other way for me to enjoy this game without questioning some peoples mental health.

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