Since Yasuo is one of the most hated characters, I had a neural network generate a rework for him

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Passive: Every third attack deals bonus magic damage and increases the bonus size of enemies hit by 10%.

Q: Attacks deal 8 (+0.5 AP) bonus magic damage and apply on-hit effects only.

W: New abilities and effects that apply on-hit effects, consume health, and reset Mana Regen. Active: Summons a spirit tiger for 4 seconds that attacks in two-shot and pounces on nearby enemies. If it kills a target, it regains Mana Regen.

W: Summons a whirlwind for 4 seconds that flies straight toward target location and deals 70 (+0.3 AP) magic damage to enemies inside it. Enemies hit are slowed by 35% for 13 seconds.

E: Summons the mighty tiger for an enormous 13 seconds, dealing 55 (+13) magic damage to enemies and flying toward each other once it has flown over them.

R: Summons the mighty tiger for an even bigger roar, stunning enemies in the path for 2.5 seconds and dealing (+) magic damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.The roar deals an additional % damage each second for 2 seconds. The remaining damage is non-trivial, but can be converted into a percentage of the roar damage by moving the mouse cursor forward or backwards.

He may only have one passive now, but at least he gets 2 Ws.

Edit: I gotta get going for a bit but I'll come back through later and post some more kits.

Edit 2: I had a ton of fun doing this but I need to get at least a little sleep tonight. Thanks for the champion suggestions everyone.

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