Please don't play scaling champs, when you tilt easily!

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If you are one of these players, please explain me why you play a champ who needs scaling, if you don't wanna scale. I win most of these games just with stalling them.

At the moment I play at Dia Elo and I don't understand how people in this elo and even higher can't understand such easy things like winningconditions. If you get 2 items on one of the champs above, you can still carry games.

So please. Play a Renekton or Pantheon on toplane and go for Draven or Lucian at botlane if you wanna stomp enemy earlygame. Otherwise change your mindset and don't ff with scaling champs.

Ps. Please help your jungler if you got lane prio and let him get his powerspike too. an eve who gets scuttler gets faster her 6 and can help you in exchange.

edit. Since a lot of ppl write something like "but pressing no is wasting time": the average game length according to league of graphs is ~29 min in all elos and ~27:30 min in diamond+. I don't wanna say, you have to press no and stall till 50 min every game. But if you are just a few kills (or even a bunch) behind, [email protected] is bullshit. Only half of the game is over. Think about ff in 10 min or something but not that early or even after first blood ...

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