LEC broadcast is great, but what's even more important the LEC-games are super fun to watch.

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So LEC broadcast did a phenomenal job with their broadcast. From great hype vods, commercials from big sponsors to cool segments in the Ready Check and during the event.

Getting casters from CS:GO and having a bit of fresh air on the show was also quite funny, but some of those post game interviews were a bit mismatched (for example Bwipo that was down because he had a terrible Renekton performance was priced by Franky). But it was a fun experience in between (but give us back Laure to see the contrast).

But let's come to the main topic, LEC this weekend was super entertaining to watch, we had it all.

This weekend gave us games that looked lost, got turned around. We had toplaners popping of and completely rolling over games. We had a pentakill pre 20 minutes. We had new picks (Renekton) coming into the scene. We had the underdog win games convincingly and in the next game the favourite showed dominance. We had great baron setups, but we also had horrific Barons that threw games. Individual outplays but also great teamfights and clever rotations.

After day 1 of week 7 I was supper happy and with G2 vs VIT it was a deserving last game to make the weekend complete.

What's especially entertaining to see is the different style from many teams and how they stack up against each other. We also have only a few teams that are slower and most teams try to push their lead quite hard.

This leads to entertaining midgames and fast paced games in general. The LEC production crew give those teams a great way to show what they are made of, but actually the teams and the way they play is the single most reason why LEC is so much fun to watch.

As a LEC-fan I want to say thank you and keep it up to every single player and coach.

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