Though unbalanced, Neeko is more interesting as an "adc"

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Though unbalanced, Neeko is more interesting as an "adc"

Right now she is about 55% wr and 3%+ pick rate in top and botlane as an onhit attack speed carry.



While her midlane mage stats are relatively balanced, her mage playstyle is pretty boring and her dmg is not reliable(low range, flash reliant). However adc Neeko (if balanced) is honestly a pretty interesting take on her kit. Obviously it's absurd that she is rushing AD when she has literally zero AD ratios and even more absurd that people are starting to hold off on putting points in Q until like level 14. Still I think it's possible to make changes to balance it and make it intuitive.


Edit: Possible balancing options I thought of (These are just ideas for conversation):

  • lower base ad (kind of like how kaisa has a really low base ad to compensate for her high on-hit dmg)

  • lower range. 525 might not be so bad so she has to be a bit closer

  • lower base armor. This is just if you want to weaken her laning in top and bot.

  • lower base on-hit dmg, higher on-hit ratios (possibly even some bonus AD scaling to make hybrid less awkward)

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