Doublelift: " I think mountain drake is so gamebreaking in competitive.

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2 AM tweet but I think mountain drake is so gamebreaking in competitive. The other 3 drakes are basically stat buffs, but playing around paper Baron/Elder/towers always feels cheesy. Of course there's strategy that revolves around having a mountain and setting up Baron
but I wonder if there's another way. As a player and also viewer I like seeing fights and back-and-forth around objectives, but mountain drake usually takes that element away

Sources: https://twitter.com/TLDoublelift/status/1102506790812508160


Voyboy's answer:

Agree with this 100%, been saying mountain drag is the most broken / insane win condition since forever. It's just TOO good at helping teams win, b/c it accelerates everything that ultimately decides the game (baron, killing turrets, elder).

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