LPL is back this Saturday!

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I'm back!

Happy to tell you all that the English broadcast of the LPL is back this Saturday, with RNG vs Vici Gaming being the first series.
Now a lot of you might be like, "what a shit matchup to return after CNY".
This is absolute rubbish and let me tell you why!


For RNG:

  • They have not fielded their full starting line up yet in 2019

  • They are currently 1-1, having lost 0-2 to Suning (The Super Team) & beating LGD 2-1.

  • AmazingJ has only played one series

  • Uzi has not played yet and this will be his debut game of 2019 (still waiting for it to be confirmed, but 90% sure)

  • This will tell us how good the new RNG really is (Is it the same?)

For VG:


  • They got their series win against SDG (The new team that is currently equal 4th~)

  • They have forced a game 3 against every team they have faced.

  • One of those game 3's was against Suning (The bloody super team)

  • So far, their matchups have been up against top 8 teams

  • Amongst this team of growing rookies is Puff & Southwind, a bottom lane duo that sit in the top 8 of highest KDA's in their respective roles. Uzi & Ming vs Puff & Southwind is going to be HYPE!


You can tell I'm keen for this series, purely just because Vici do not look horrible and because we haven't seen the new full lineup of RNG with AmazingJ & Uzi in the same game.

Looking forward to seeing you all there Saturday on https://www.twitch.tv/LPL (5PM CST / 10AM CET / 1AM PST)

(Side note - I posted at a more reasonable hour for you all in America this time!)

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