Every G2 member has highest DPM on their role. Mikyx as support also has higher DPM than jungler

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It's really impressive that all G2 players has highest DPM on their position.

Some interesting things:

  • Wunder has second lowest %DMG for toplaners, but still has highest DPM

  • Jankos as jungler has higher DPM (419) than three midlaners: Sencux (296), Exile (349) and Pirean (401) and three ADC Jeskla (347), Heaq (356) and Rekkles (412)

  • Perkz lead DPM as Botlaner with 179 lead over Upset (571). Perkz DPM is 750.

  • Mikyx is only support who has higher DPM than non-support player (Broxah)

  • Kikis as jungler has 20,8% of his team damage


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