Brokenshard: "Zilean top is the definition of "fun and engaging" gameplay like funnel

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30 seconds into watching this Zilean top lane and I already want to smash my head into a wall


This is the definition of "fun and engaging" gameplay like funnel and standing in line at the DMV


Others also have something to said about it:

Riot Kobe:

As cool as it is to see innovative strategies, I feel like spellthief's no farm solo lane should be hard nerfed/fixed.
I don't like how it manipulates farm numbers and bounties. #lcs @lolesports

Riot Blaustoise:

Agreed. That shit is degenerate lol


yep remove it


Totally agree. Anything is fun when it's new but this one is definitely a shitty gameplay experience and I hope it never becomes meta


Public service announcement to the Riot dev team
If you want people to stop playing 0 farm klepto spell thief top to reduce their own farm and manipulate farm bounties, don't nerf klepto or spell thiefs...REMOVE POSITIVE FARM BOUNTIES. They make no sense in the context of league



Can't wait to see the pinnacle of toplane when both tops will have spellthief and fight to the death ignoring waves



Top laners after getting auto attacked twice by support item klepto karma/Lulu/Zilean/kennen
click link to watch short vid attached to this tweet

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