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/u/Riot_Maple just tweeted:

And we're back! Below are some of our targets that we're targetting for 9.2. Worth noting that on top of this we're working on a few larger projects:

  1. Reducing systemic damage in the game

2. Slightly lowering jungle influence

3. High MMR game pacing

4. Marksmen itemization

As well as a chart noting buffs to Aurelion Sol, J4, Volibear, Renekton, Mundo, Shyvana, Shen, Neeko, Yorick, Volibear and Sunfire Cape.

Nerfs to Aatrox, Galio, Cassiopeia, Urgot, Irelia, Jax, Brand, Kassadin, Camille, Zyra, Rakan, Oblivion Orb and Relic Shield.

With adjustments to Akali

Edit: More on Irelia:

Worth noting that we've been working on some larger scope work for Irelia that will hopefully give us room to buff her so she doesn't have to sit as low as she does. We're also going to be trying to target changes that let her function more as a top laner rather than mid. Those changes may not make 9.2 though, but we're going to try to lock it down.

Edit 2: Comment on high elo game pacing:

High mmr game pacing includes things like retuning baron buff a bit and some turret/inhib defense adjustments

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