143rd Champion Theory With Evidence: "the Chained Champion"

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I had so much fun writing the theory that ended up being Neeko, that I decided to press my luck a little bit and write another. Hopefully, this one will be a little more organized! Like the last one, there will be a TL;DR at the bottom of the post.

Disclaimer: Also like the last theory, I have not spent time reading others' theories, so if there is any overlap I greatly apologize. Feel free to leave theories, constructive comments, and criticism in the comments.

What Rito Gave Us

Teaser image from Champion Roadmap August 2018- this image does not confirm much, however the chains appear to exactly match those illustrated in "Visions of Demacia" (see below) with a little artistic liberty taken.

Region/Faction and "Purpose" (what they want)

This category is so blatantly obvious, I'm starting to wonder if it's a red herring; on LoL's Universe page, a large quantity of content relating to both Demacia and the theme of chains has been added within the past few weeks. Two of the most notable annexations include the short story "Demacian Heart" as well as the four images under the gallery title "Visions of Demacia" which includes:







The header image for the faction of Demacia was also changed to this...

...from a formerly more pristine and intact image of what appears the be the same room.



What many believe this is implying is that a force, likely the new champion, has visions of seeing Demacia destroyed.

On the contrary, I think it is metaphorical in a sense that the new champion wants down with Demacian ideals.

One thing to support this is the fact that "Visions of Demacia" is not a gallery specific only to this faction. Freljord has a gallery of similar title (Visions of the Freljord) as does Zaun, Piltover, and Shurima to name a few. The difference between these is art style; compare one of the "Visions of Demacia" above to this "Vision of Piltover"

Piltover's piece is a much more detailed, barely unrealistic scene whereas the Demacian piece is of a comic style with far less of an extensive color palette and bolder linework. This could suggest that the Demacian image suggests only thoughts and does NOT necessarily suggest a canonical shift in faction lore (the fall of Demacia). Therefore, I stand by the hypothesis that the new champion wants to see a change in Demacian Ideals.

Why? Demacia Hates Mages

Of all of the Demacian (born) champions, only one is a mage (Sona was adopted by a Demacian; she is from Ionia, and Morgana and Kayle are Targonians bound to Demacia. They're getting a rework anyways.) being Lux. However, one of the central theme's of Lux's story is that Demacia is a place where "magical abilities are viewed with fear and suspicion"- to the extent of mages being persecuted or killed.

Lux, as mentioned, as well as the other champions or champion's ultimate abilities (Press R) pictured in "Visions of Demacia" (In order: Lux, Jarvan IV, Galio, Garen) have special interactions with magic in both their in-game kits and lore.

Lux being already mentioned, Jarvan IV, "like all Demacians, . . . had been raised to distrust the magical beings of the world." Galio is famous for both being a giant, petricite statue who absorbs magic,

but also for having an unlikely friendship with Lux, the aforementioned mage of Demacia.

Garen, unknowing that his sister is a mage, uses a sword likely made of petricite (it applies the SILENCE debuff in-game much like it is used as a silencer to magic in the lore; needs confirmation).

Appearance and Abilities/Kit

Something that has appeared throughout of all of the teaser images are chains, gold and shadow color scheme, and often smoke. It is speculated that this new champion's name could be Sylas, as there is a man friendly to mages who sees a "golden light" around them in the story "Demacian Heart"

Additionally, in the "Visions of Demacia" images, both the magical statue, Galio (although falling from the sky) and the mage, Lux (despite not appearing to be willingly casting her magic) both appear to have a small glow around them. The two distinctly nonmagical champions, Jarvan and Garen, appear to be cast in shadow.

  • Passive: (Champion name) is able to sense when enemies have their ultimate abilities up, post level 6. (Possibly, the enemies who have ults might have a glowing silhouette?)

Many times in "Demacian Heart," the thematic of unsettlement, silence, or "uncomfortable stillness" is represented; perhaps, the new champion, if it is indeed this boy or a similar one, will be able to apply a SILENCE or DISARM to enemies. Something interesting to note is that this would make this character almost like livingpetricite. The ability I feel would fit thematically is somewhat similar to LeBlanc's Ethereal Chains:

  • Basic Ability: (Champion name) binds an enemy with a chain. If (Champion name) stays within X range of the enemy for X amount of time, the enemy is rooted for X seconds and silenced for half the amount of time.

With each new champion release, Rito tries to add at least some new content (no matter how necessary to the champion's kit it actually is; see Neeko Passive (Inherent Glamour)) therefore this next ability is just a shot in the dark as to what could be included. It does make sense thematically.

  • Basic Ability: (Champion name) binds an enemy with a chain. If (Champion name) stays within X range of the enemy for X amount of time, the enemy is rooted and can be dragged to a location a short distance away from the distance of rooting.

Although the former sounds very similar to the first listed basic ability, the intention is that when either is cast, the enemy will not know which one of the two was cast until either the movement of the enemy or silencing has occurred.

I have absolutely no guess as to what the other Basic Ability would do, but it is likely that the basic abilities of this champion will do very little damage as this champion's kit is centered around its Ultimate Ability.

Ultimate Ability (Press R Already!)

Now, I have investigated other people's opinions on this one. There seem to be two general opinions as to what it could be. I've elaborated on them both with insights on what damage numbers could look like.

Theory 1: Weaponizing the Enemies Against Their Allies

In less complicated terms, essentially the new champion would be able to control an enemy for a short period of time and use their abilities against their own team. If this still sounds confusing, here's a breakdown of what a scenario with this ability could look like:

  • There's a teamfight about to occur that will decide the outcome of the game. The teams are dead even. Assume Blue Side has the "Chained Champion" on their team, and Red Side has a Lux among other champions. Suddenly, Lux is shackled by the "Chained Champion" and begins firing off Light Bindings and Lucent Singularites at her own team, from the back line of that team into the backline of her own team. She finishes them with Final Spark, and is the only one standing- not for long, because Blue Side just killed her.

Theory 1 is almost like a reverse Neeko; instead of "which Ezreal is the real enemy Ezreal," it's "which teammate is the real teammate."

One of the issues with this theory is that its results would be drastically different for Pro Play, or even anyone using Voice Comms vs No Comms.

Theory 2: Zoe's Spell Thief, Version II

This Theory is Supported by "Visions of Demacia"; the Demacian champions that have been chained are watching their ults destroy something or someone.

  • Lux is watching hers annihilate a statue

  • Jarvan's pike has annihilated the throne room/throne

  • Galio is falling from the sky which will decimate an area and people as opposed to arriving heroicly to save them

  • Garen is watching his smite someone as he reaches out in despair, unable to scream

ANYWAYS~ This would have an interaction with (Champion Name)'s passive: whenever both the new champion's ultimate is up as well as an enemy's ultimate is up, the "Chained Champion" can bind and steal that ultimate ability.

In order to balance this, here are a few things I thought of:

  • The champion which the ultimate was stolen from is immune to that ultimate.

    • Reasoning: it would be super un-fun to play against.

  • The "Chained Champion"'s ult cooldown would then be set to whatever the base cooldown of the ultimate he stole was. Cooldown reduction does not affect his Ultimate, but is x% more effective for his basic abilities.

    • This is to make sure enemies actually have the opportunity to use their own ultimates, otherwise, the "Chained Champion" would make for a terrible time for Karthus and other champions with extremely long cooldowns.

  • He will not copy the passive of ultimates (EX: None of Cho'Gath's Feast Stacks, etc)

Obviously, since all ultimates have different scalings (mainly either AP or AD) it might be necessary for his Basic Abilities to scale off of either

  • Health

  • AD and AP simultaneously

  • Mana

so his kit actually has some synergy. (An example of failed synergy would be if the enemy team is all AP, but the "Chained Champion" scales off of AD, so his ultimate stealing ability is essentially useless.) Another option would be to eliminate scaling of ults that he steals altogether; an example being he steals from a Neeko:

Instead of this (Neeko's Ult)

ignore the poor edit


The "Chained Champion," possibly named Sylas, uses chains in order to both manipulate enemies and their Ultimate Abilities on Summoner's Rift. Their kit is centered around his ult, and the player will need to adapt to the situation in order to use their Ultimate correctly. The new champion is stuck between seeking and destroying mages as part of Demacia's ideals, or standing with mages in order to bring downfall to these ideals, in a more extreme yet parallel story to Lux.

Their ultimate will likely involve the controlling or thieving of enemy abilities, and they will be able to detect when an enemy has ultimates at their disposal

Thanks for reading! I will be updating this theory until the champion is revealed.

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