How are the new Galio changes acceptable?

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As you can see, Galio's winrate jumped roughly 4%, and his pickrate jumped to the highest picked midlaner in the game.


And the reasons are literally just because his numbers are broken. His Q now has a 90% AP ratio, and does 6% (+ 4% per 100 AP) of the target's maximum health. This allows him to not only have ideal waveclear, but is one of the strongest AOE damage spells in the game. For some champions it would be fine, but Galio is also an off tank, gaining a passive magic damage shield, damage reduction in his W and being able to aftershock to further his tankiness. With his ability to roam and affect the rest of the map, you have a midlaner that's a jack of all trades with virtually no weaknesses.

I question how these changes made it through, and where the checks and balances are for changes like this. How were these problematic changes not caught before they made it to the live servers?


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