I think Riot Games has a chance to take the MMO world by storm

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Like the post says. I am an avid wow player, but Blizzard is falling apart. In light of Ben brode leaving hearth stone, and Matt morhaime leaving the company, WoW has become a meaning less escape of gambling and loot boxes. Even though, yes gear has always been random drop, the titan forging activision money making machine has brought the player base to a cross road. To play or not to play? Is the investment worth it? Why should I try to push higher keys if I can turn in this emissary quest and get the same loot.

To get to my point. A bunch of blizzard employees are leaving the company or getting paid in cash as a severance package. With that being said, riot games has an opportunity to sweep these people up and not necessarily take what blizzard did and replicate but have the knowledge on game design and how to run a server for an MMORPG. How to help develop class design and design cities and worlds to be in.

Since league of legends has such a dense sense of lore and riot putting so much time into it (kind of) there is a story line already built for it. Bringing the blizzard employees in with the riot employees and creating a world could possibly blow any mmorpg out of the water. A game that millions of people play every day. People from around the world can get together on runeterra and not only talk about league of legends, but be apart of the universe as well. Be immersed in it. Being able to escape into the mmo rpg. I would leave WoW in a second if there was a league of legends world to be able to explore and live in. Playing this game for how long I have been and to be put In each world or city, living that out would just add more fuel to me throwing more money at riot. I don’t know about the rest of you but I definitely would love a chill and run around runeterra co-op, with raids and dungeons game along with the competitive league scene.

Any thoughts?

TL;DR blizzard employees that have left or got fired should be picked up by riot to create an mmo or runeterra.

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