"Cheat Engine" abuse (warning)

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As some of you might know the league client is reading your browser tabs (and maybe some other data).

There is already a discussion about this here: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/aayvu4/lol_reads_your_browser_tabs_is_this_a_gross/

Since a read an interesting youtube comment on Vandirils channel I would like to give a warning for abuses that might come up.

If anyone is includes "cheat engine" in his name and you look him up on op.gg or any other database webapplication this will appear on your browser tab. The result will be a crash.

So if you realize such names in loading screen, please be careful, control your browser tabs and close them if necessary. I am not sure how this will affect other third party information apps, like blitz.gg.

Edit: Vandiril shows that it also affects applications like the editor (https://youtu.be/F9rBzKJxbOk). So there is evidence that third party apps will also be affected (not tested yet).

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