Today I got the Pro Player experience of a Lifetime thanks to Chiefs eSports and Riot OCE

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I am not a Pro player but thanks to the Hammond Care Dreams Program, Riot Games and Chiefs eSports Club the day of a Lifetime was planned for me.

Today I was invited by Riot Games to play some show matches with my Favorite team Chiefs eSports in order to give me the experience of being a Pro Player.

Some back story behind this is

I am only 24 years old Have untreatable and incurable blood mutations (around a 1 in 300 million chance to have) that cause my blood to clot uncontrollably. I get and currently have blood clots in both legs, both lungs, my entire blood vessel that leads to the heart (Inferior Vena Cava).

This has caused me to get late stage 3 possibly stage 4 heart failure and has made it impossible for me to do any physical activity, even game. When I play video games it has to be laying down and I have to fully concentrate on every breath I take or else I can pass out from loss of oxygen to the brain.

I have had a heart attack and 2 strokes so my brain function is slower than others and this was caused by clots respectively. I don't have long to live a sad but true fact. Being a professional gamer was my dream ever since I discovered I had mutations. League is my Favorite game and the Chiefs are my heros!

We played 2 games and my account name is CHF Irelia. Riot eGym and Benji were the ones doing commentary and what we did was mix up Chiefs and Rioters to play with and against me.

Game 1 Vod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t06n-d8cNDI

Game 2 Vod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOyR1B5aNck

Link to the Photos taken during the event: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21ALskGuBIr9BIskw&id=853A3827DBC40C6E%2128287&cid=853A3827DBC40C6E

After the games were done Riot gave me a Goodie bag filled with Stuffed Poros and a Limited Edition Teemo figurine, and Chiefs Swip3rR gave me his OPL Finals Jersey from last split. This has to be the greatest experience of my life despite my hardships. And as a token they also let me Keep the Riot account so I could experience the skins and champions I haven't used.

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Also feel free to AMA. Any rude comments or making fun of my appearance will get you deleted.

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