New website that shows how you "beat" the #1 in LoL now in Beta

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This website shows how you "beat" the #1 player in LoL. It forms a chain of wins from you to the #1 player. It is similar to the "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon", but instead of movies its victories over the #1 player.

Link to the website: http://lol-beat-best.com/#/wp/na1/ScottuCuY

The site is now live, and lets you put in your own summoner name and region to check it out.

I welcome any feedback on the site. I'm the author. I can also talk about the tech behind the website if anyone is interested.

(Note I picked the player "ScottuCuY" because he has a long win path to the #1 player. The win path usually varies from 4-5 steps.

Note in the results you can click on other player names, or click on Games to view the game details.

Thanks again and please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

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