assasin wukong mid is literally the worst thing I ever played against

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killed him pre 6. came back to lane. level 6. his ulti did 400 damage. at level 6.

got duskblade. proceeded to actually one hit me every time I show up. if the EQ wasn't enough. the knockup that gives his ult two ticks before I can react will kill me

when I play vs shit like zed I can at least flash the shurikens because I have more than enough time to. wukong literally gets mobi boots and one hits anyone with a basic combo

this shit is the incarnation of the fucking devil.

by far the most uninteracctive assassin

thank jesus almost nobody plays him. if this was meta he would have been fucking nerfed immediately.

EQ at level 3 then W away from you. you can do well in lane pre 6

the problem is that. the ulti base damage is fucking ridiculous. that he can have one long sword at level 6 and it will still at least do 300 damage. which is fucking nuts.

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