Of the 141 currently released champions, only 8 (Annie, Garen, Katarina, Rammus, Shaco, Sona, Trynda

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I was bored at work and thinking about how many "relegated to solo queue" champions such as Heimer, Teemo, Voli and Quinn have been popping up over wacky wild Season 8 and decided to see how many hadn't been picked in a major region (KR, CN, NA, EU or LMS) at the highest level (no academy leagues, but includes MSI and RR) this year alone, the total came to the 8 listed in the title:

  • Annie

  • Garen

  • Katarina

  • Rammus

  • Shaco

  • Sona

  • Tryndamere

  • Vi

Of these, Annie, Garen, Shaco and Vi have not been seen at all in any minor (academy or wildcard region) league tournament either in 2018.

Additionally, there are a further 6 champions who were picked in a major region 2018 but did not win any games (in fact all were only played in one major game, see brackets) They are:

  • Akali (OMG icon, LPL)

  • Amumu (MVP Yondu, LCK)

  • Hecarim (ROC Memento, EU)

  • Kayn (SPY Xerxe, EU)

  • Pantheon (EF Dardoch, NAvsEU Rift Rivals)

  • Udyr (GIA Djoko, EU)

So in all there are 133 (94.3%) champions that have been picked and 127 champions (90.0%) that have won at least one major competitive game.

I'm hardstuck silver so I'm not going to comment on what these stats mean if they do mean anything at all, just thought it'd be fun to get it all listed and see what people think!

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